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Kristina is a Kelp and lemon peel infused soap made with shea butter! This is an amazingly gentle and cleansing soap. Kelp has a high iodine, mineral and antioxidant content. Kristina is mildly scented with sage and lemongrass which blends well with the buttery quality of this soap. Because kelp is a water based plant this soap is much softer than our other luxury soaps. While it offers incomparable benefits to be used in the shower, please ensure that you keep it as dry as possible between uses as it is water soluable. We recommend investing in a good soap dish to keep the soap areating throughout the day. 

we do offer a colorful and expanded line of ergonomically designed soap dishes which are durable and works of art called the "Soap Sentinel". To shop one of our soap dishes, please go to this link : 

You are also able to reach these via our collections tab on our homepage.